Friday, 18 September 2015

The Little Yellow Digger Truck cake topper tutorial - #BAKEATIP

Well I think it's about time I update this blog!
It's been in my "list to do" since early this year...but I just couldn't find the time to do it.
I am truly truly sorry...if only you could see my face right now I am doing a sad face with a frowning mouth and disappointed eyes emoji ....

To make up for my is a simple tutorial of how to make a yellow truck digger!

- Yellow fondant (I used Satin Ice brand)
- Black fondant
- Silver edible paint
- White gel food colour (to paint the truck's windows) or white fondant

- Wilton tip 2D or borrow your kid's lego piece (small wheel rim)
- Small sharp knife
- Paint brush and water for glue
- Small paint brush
- Mini circle cutters
- Small straw
- Dry spaghetti sticks

Wilton tip 2D


Cut approx 2x2cm and 2x1cm diameter using mini circle cutter. 
I borrowed and used my kid's lego piece to create the wheels rim, 
but you can also use Wilton 2D tip to create similar look. Then I used a ruler to create some indentation on the outer wheels. For the 2 smaller wheels, I used a straw to create the centre line. 
Set aside to dry then paint the rim with edible silver food colour. 

Truck's body measurement: approx 4cm x 2.5cm


Main crane's measurement approx 4cm length.
In here I have used dry spaghetti sticks for support because I didn't have enough time to let this completely dry, if you have time to let this won't need the support sticks.


To finish it, you can paint the truck's window using white gel food colour (see main cake photo above), however if you are not confident using the brush to paint you can also use white fondant. Thinly roll white fondant and cut few rectangle shape to make the window. Attach these to the trucks.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple tutorial and happy caking! 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

bake-a-tip: Fondant whimsy and cartoony bow tutorial

The last #bakeatip I posted about tutorial of how I make tiny bow...using the same method you can create this whimsy cartoony bow.

What you need to do is to roll out a thicker fondant/gumpaste, use heart shape cutters to cut out couple of heart shape fondant pieces...Shape and smooth out the edges of the heart ...then finally assemble. Easy right? 

Note: See previous post to see the steps by steps photos.

Happy caking!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bake-a-tip: How to make a mini fondant bow tie

Hi Bootiful!
It's bake-a-tip time again! 

I love bow ties and I love making fondant bow ties...but I don't like making mini fondant bow ties....I am talking the teeny tiny one not just regular mini ones....well that's before I got myself a set of mini heart plunger cutters!

What? Mini heart cutters? That don't make any sense..what is it got anything to do with bow ties???
Well let me show you how to make these teeny tiny mini bow ties using the mini heart plunger cutters.

All you need is a set of mini heart plunger cutters (mine came in 3 different sizes), a modeling veining tool, some modeling fondant or gum paste and edible glue or water

Super easy!

Happy caking!!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Bake-a-tip: the wonder of craft scissors

Do you know that you can use craft scissor to cut fondant? It's so easy, pretty and cheap!

Happy baking and decorating!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

bake-a-tip day: how I make fondant bunting

Hi bootiful people!
Firstly I am sorry for being a bad blogger.
I have been super busy with work/cakes/family and it's been really hard to find time and energy to update the blog regularly.Thank you so much for everyone who has been really patience and supportive!

Secondly I am learning to update my blog via my Iphone so please excuse any spelling mistake hehe
Hopefully once I have mastered this, I can regularly update the blog using this amazing gadget! (I LOVE my Iphone its my second hubby LOL!)

Enough begin I want to share a tip of how I make my fondant flags or bunting... I'm calling this segment "bake-a-tip" !
You probably don't really need a tutorial on this but thought I show you how I make mine. This is how I do it...I find it very simple and easy this way!

If you agree with me, share this page...if not please do share if you have your own methods in the comment below :)

Note: for the string, roll fondant thinly and attach it around the cake first before you attach the flags. 

My final cake, Winnie the Pooh with simple bunting cake.

Happy baking!